So here I am sitting at my job in an empty office. Everyone has went to lunch while I’m eating my salad and sandwich. While many people would be sad that they were not invited to the work lunch. Not me, I use that time to conjure up ideas for my side hustle so one day (hopefully soon) I can throw that peace sign in the air, and get the heck up out of here (I don’t hate my job I just know what my dream job would be and this isnt it). My side grind is a simple release for me, its something I can work on and truly believe in and use my talents for. If you have a 9-5 that allows you to feel this way, GREAT. If not, create a job that does. Here are not only my reasons why, but the emphasis of numerous streams of income.


Ever feel like you are just letting life pass you by and your not letting your true talents out! Having a side hustle gives your day a since of meaning. Everyday you take a breathe always remember it is not promised to you. I just found out about a close friend who just lost her friend and she was the same age as me. It got me thinking if I was to go today, would I have fulfilled everyday with meaning and passion? You may not be at your dream job or your dream house. But are you striving for those things? If God was to take me today I want to be remember as someone who didn’t wait for the right age for things, who didn’t care about the status quo. I want to be commemorated as someone who knew what she wanted everyday, someone who lived each day as her last. When you have a side hustle you wake up with more than just a list of things to do, but you wake up with a sense of grit and love for the day.


1 Peter 4:10-11  Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others. Be good servants of God’s various gifts of grace. God does not just give us love and grace, he gives us specific talent. If you have ever given someone a present and you found out later down the road they never even open the gift or used it, you would be really upset. How do you think God feels when he has carefully constructed us with great talents and gifts and we never even attempted to open them. When you have a side job you will grow and use the talent God has given you, this will not only make him happy it will help you build that strength. By me blogging and creating me own print shop, it has allowed me to grow my design skills and creativity while also improving on my writing with each post. With that being said, it is known for us to start a side hustle and we look at other people on social media and become jealous of their given talent from God. Always questioning why God didn’t give you that talent, or why your not as talented as someone else. Romans 12:6-8 states, In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. Never let the devil get you confuse and try to march fear and envy in your heart. Focus on your talent and congratulate others.


Proverbs 13:22 A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous. Now that I am about to give birth to a little boy I want to make sure he is wealthy. I am a firm believer in staying out of debt, and passing on wealth than a burden. I want me and husband to be the first to break the cycle of poverty and to leave something for our kids so they can start off better than us and so on and so forth. With my side hustle it allows me to build something that either brings in extra money, or allows me to grow this small business into something big that I can actually hand down to him. Even the idea of my son watching me grow and run my business is beneficial. He will be able to see an entrepreneur working on her craft for her family and herself. I grew up watching my mom have a 9-5 as well as her own videography business, hmmm odd I wanted to grow up having my own business just like her!


Not to brag but I know my husband loves when he sees my design, or Etsy checks hit the checking. Is it a lot of money NOPE! But is it amazing to have, YES! I just got a business card so that I don’t mix business money with our main checking and when I notice we are a little short or sometime I use the extra money to add to our sons portfolio, or pay some money on the student loan. This is a joy because it allows a sense of freedom. As well, if I am able to keep growing my business I can eventually no longer depend on my 9-5 and be at home with my baby and still bring in money so we can keep our goals on track. Most financials gurus say to have 7 streams of income, depending on what you can handle start out with getting 1 side hustle and believe me it will turn into many more streams. I started with blogging, then freelance design, then t shirt sales, Ebay, print shop, stocks. All in 1 year and while pregnant, YOU GOT THIS!


Having a business or side hustle, you are more interested in growing your bottom line or providing better products for your clients. This will take your focus off the Nordstrom anniversary sale or those new boots on sale. I love shopping but I am more excited to buy things for my business so I end up not focusing on items that cannot grow wealth for my family. One day, yes when my business has blown up I will be able to buy those $400 boots but for now I must spend $200 on a printer that will bring in some income rather than some boots that will just look good on me. A side hustle will allow you to see whats really important and how to really manage your finances.

These are just a few of many reasons to have a side job. Open your life new to new possibilities and levels. Push your mind to learn new skills and mess up sometime. I will be writing a post on the many mistakes I made the first year in starting my print shop, because you will make mistakes. But don’t let that cease you from using Gods gifts to no only help your family but to inspire others to do the same.