How to look expensive while being cheap

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I am queen of the Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, and whatever name brand that comes with a hefty price tag. Which may sound odd to you knowing that I talk so much about being frugal and ways to save money. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them how much I manage my household on, and how I can afford such luxury brands. Here are a few pointers I have notice keep you looking amazing without hurting your money goals. Plus who wants to compromise quality!!



I don’t know how many times in my blog I talk about getting credit cards with good rewards. My household has 2 cards, an american express card and a bank of america card. I use both and earn over $250 a year in cash and gift cards (click here to read about how). With the extra $250 a month I use this to buy items I love, like right now I just put in a request for a $25.00 gift card to Athleta. It takes me about 2 months to net around $25 worth in point. I also get 2X the points if I use my Amex card to make a purchase. So I carefully wait on a sale and boom I order some super cute athletic wear. Get 2X the points back on the purchase plus I used Acorns (my investment app) that earned me 2% cash back in my portfolio. My total was $133 and my final cost to me was $30.44 From that one transaction you can see how credit card rewards add up.



When I worked at Nordstrom rack I found these amazing Tory Burch sandals for $35.00 all leather. Not only was this a steal I knew once I bought them I wouldn’t be buying $15 sandals from Charlotte Russe every summer because the last pair wore out. Its been 3 years and they are still holding strong. Instead of opting for cheap materials and bad quality try buying the nicer better made brands and buy less of that item. Do your research before you buy and focus on the item being a classic rather than a fad item. Check out some cool blogs and dabble in the idea of being more minimalist. It’s a cool journey and worth looking into.


If you know how to do something then do it well. If you can do your own hair or nails eyebrows, etc. Do it and practice getting better at it. This is money you can stop paying someone else to do and use it on something worth your while. I typically do my own hair and nails. With me not spending money on a beautician I am able to buy items with a bigger price tag. Everyone gets a personal care budget, Jeremiah (my 1 year old) get $25 usually goes to play gyms he gets 1 haircut once every 3 months, Jamal get $40 2 haircuts a month and I get $25, however mine always ends up in the offering pail!!


With my many years of retail experience I can tell you a good fit on anyone makes your clothes look more expensive and well made than the price tag. With a great fit you can fool anyone. I am 5’0 and anything that is baggy on me looks awful no matter the cost. Once I started buying petite sizes, it change the game. Many retail companies are doing their best to appeal to all sizes and shapes. Whether tall, short, plus or petite there is something for everyone.



I once cried to my mom when she washed and dried my favorite tee. It had beads on it and you couldn’t put in the dryer or it would fall apart. Reading the label on clothes is so important to the care and quality of your clothes. Once you start really putting some money and time invested into your closet you should really dab into caring for your clothes. Now I don’t buy things that are dry clean only, but many items I don’t dry and I do my best to wash on a delicate cycle.



I spend hours looking at deals all day!! If you have the time then it will pay off, I also like to do this so its more of a hobby for me. I typically go add a lot of items to my cart and then I work the basket like the stock market, buy low and sell high. I keep tabs on all items and once they go on sale I tend to buy the items. Sometimes the item will sell out and you have to be okay with that. For mothers day I was able to buy  at Nordstrom 2 dresses for $30 each due to me scouting them a whole 2 months before.



Don’t get caught in new trends that will die fast, get you a good few classic pieces and build from there. While looking expensive is fun and all, always remember its more important to have money saved up for emergencies. Rocking Gucci while your car is getting repo isn’t the best “look”. Stay true to who you are, and enjoy life. When you can find ways to enjoy your passion without breaking the bank go for it!!

6 Ways To Save $75+ This Month

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Here are a few of my quick, funny ways I and my family do to save money each month. A few of these tips we just started and have notice big savings! Some may not work for your family but it’s good to have options when it comes to savings.



So I have been with state farm for 10 years and I decided to look around and check different companies for quotes. After about 1 week of casually looking around my insurance company called trying to give me new ways to lower my bill. We opted for the drive save beacon, its a small item that sticks to our cars and gives you a discount(as long as your not a crazy driver). I also notice I haven’t change our mileage per year on the car. With being a SAHM I drive way less a year. All in all we saved $35 a month on insurance! Not to bad….I also tried root, its an insurance company that gives you a quote on how well you drive, I received $25 for testing them out. You can too if you use my referral. You don’t have to change insurance either to receive the money.

Click here to try root and receive $25 

Savings-$35 for me, but price ranges



I am the queen of saving so much money on my families grocery budget. However, this past week my husband watched our son so I could get out for a few hours. I decided to go grocery shopping. With no reason to rush or baby about to explode with a tantrum, I took my time. I went down every isle, I touched every product. I also went over our budget by $15.00!!! That extra $15 was on items that were not on my list. I can shop in 30 min and get everything we need. This trip I took almost an hour and got a whole lot of stuff we didn’t. Time your first trip, make that number a time to beat. Once you get good at shopping fast try to keep it that way.

Savings-$15, but very by person



I am all about being eco-friendly and treating this earth with some respect. But did you know you can also save money as well. My husband loves water bottles and we recently gave up purchasing a case at our local grocery store. I notice it was money we didn’t have to spend. Get a Brita filter, and reusable water bottle. Brita states you can save over $300 a year switching to a reusable water system. Just replace your filter and your good to go.

Savings-$25 a month



Check with your phone and internet provider. Most give you a discount on going paperless. Call or check with your bills to see if they offer some discount for paperless billing and auto-pay. I know we save $10 a month with Verizon, and At&t does it if you have cable and internet with them.

Savings- Usually $10 per company



If your into online shopping and buying items on sale, I would unsubscribe to your favorite stores. You save more when you don’t buy. I notice I tend to buy more clothes when I get hit with a 50% off marketing email. Somehow my online browser gets hit with a cart full of clothes I didn’t even plan on buying. Now with my son I tend to spend all the clothe buying on him. I only use gift cards from my credit card rewards program, and once I get enough points I get the cards and wait on a sale. And if you shop at old navy you already know they don’t go 2 days without running a sale. At first you might feel that your missing out on deals, but your wallet will be glad you did it.

SAVINGS- Varies on person


6.GAS BUDDY (app)

This app checks gas prices near you, so you can receive the cheapest price per gallon around. My husband drives 35 miles to work and back. So price per gallon is pretty serious around here. It was just me that had the app and I started noticing I was getting cheaper gas than him. I immediately made him get the app and once he started using it we saved on average $5-$10. The big thing is once you hit 1/4 on your gas tank start looking at the app and go fill up once you notice prices are cheaper. When your completely low on gas and need it, your not looking for cheap you just fill up on desperation.

SAVINGS- $5-$10

Budgeting and saving money is a odd passion of mine, so I find fun in doing all these things and finding new ways to save. However, I do know many people dread thinking of money and would rather save by automating there money. These are just fun quick tips for someone needing to find more wiggle room in their budget!!!