5 Cheap Summer Activities

5 activties

Its hot, your kids want to get out the house and you have $0 to go on a huge family vacation don’t worry I got you! With an active 17 month old that LOVES the outdoors and an income that literally only allows free activities. I have found many ways to have fun on a low budget.


I seriously stay up at night looking at new parks that I haven’t been too and what things they offer. Are there slides, a trail, swings. While going to the park isn’t new try bringing water guns, bubbles, water balloons. I usually go shopping at 5 Below¬†(everything is $5 and below), if your area doesn’t have that store try your local dollar store. They most likely have summer toys that are fun too pack. We also bought a summer tote (only $5) and put all the bubbles, kite, and beach towels in it. So once we wake up get dress I grab the bag and dip! Easy, quick, and super cheap.



Got little ones that can’t swim yet, try finding a splash pad in your area. They have recently gain popularity as cities prefer them over pools due to safety. You can’t drown and are family friendly. We have 2 in our area, both are free and my son loves them.



Of course you can always go to the big parks like hurricane harbor, but local water parks are much cheaper and kid friendly for the little ones. Ours is $8 a person and 2 and under are free. Most have a lazy river, a splash pad and 3 big water slides. I prefer these as I can watch my son without getting overwhelmed with too many people. Also go to there website and look for deals, week days usually have special pricing.



We are regulars for the library classes, but I notice once summer comes around they start to offer more classes and new activities. Go to your cities website and check events, you can normally find something for all age groups. Price is also FREE



Try looking on Groupon for actives, due to Jeremiahs age it can be difficult but if you have kids 3 and up, they can have some pretty cool activities. Pair your purchase with ebates and get cash back plus if you have never used ebates try my link here and get $10 just for signing up. Its just a site that gives you cash back for purchasing items online, just remember to go through ebates.com first before you buy something.


To make sure you don’t spend to much in the summer try a cash system. It works really well for us. At the beginning of every month I pull $25 out for Jeremiahs activities, that normally allows one big activity a week and then I plug in free activities for the rest of the week. He laughs and plays just as hard at the park as he does at a water park. Kids just love to get outside. Don’t overthink it and believe you have to go on some lavish cruise post picture on your social media to seem happy. Don’t let comparison rob you of joy! What are some fun activities you and your family like to do?