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If you haven’t read my post on robinhood click here. I have officially had and traded with this app for over a year now. My background on stock is very bleak, I didn’t know much but the basic and few quotes I looked up from warren buffet. I did small but detailed research into a few stocks I used or thought were good buys and dove in and bought a share of each. I didn’t try to time the market and get the lowest price, my goal was to buy and hold and see how life would roll!!! Lets see what happened.

The Good

Square: ticker SQ– I bought this stock at $23.60, it now trades for $47.05. I gained $23.41 from buying and holding this stock. That is a 99.24% gain. (you want to be somewhere near 8-12%) My thought on buying this was it was an IPO(a new stock) and I saw how many young entrepreneurs were using the card reader. With buying local, shopping in the community, being a big thing for my generation I knew this stock would potentially grow, didn’t think it would be this fast!

Phillips 66: ticker PSX-I bought this stock $82.92 the first share and came back and bought another share at $91.38, it now trades for $111.81. I gained $49.29 that’s a 28.28% increase. Now I didn’t technically pick it I asked my husband what he wanted to buy and he looked up warren buffets stocks and this was one he owned. With a 2.70% yield and a warren approval we made a nice come up.

Target: ticker TGT– I bought at $54.64 and it trades at $71.73. That’s a gain of $17.08 at 31.26%. I didn’t do to much research I just thought well dang I’m always shopping here and I love this brand I might need to buy a share. I try to buy in spaces I understand, and want to be a shareholder of.

Teladoc: ticker TDOC– I bought at $32.90 and it trades for $42.00, that’s a gain of $9.10 at 27.66%. My mom told me about this stock. She believes this is where healthcare is going. I also recalled in one of my benefit meetings at work HR was explaining to us that we could use an online portal to talk to a doctor. It was new and seemed really futuristic, so I thought why not give it a go, and at only 30 a share my risk isn’t too high.



Fitbit: ticker FIT– I bought 2 shares, one at $5.43 and $6.04, it now trades for $5.28. That’s a loss of 0.91 a -7.93%. I saw this stock at $5 a share and thought lets go for it. And now over a year it is still suffering. I still believe in fitbit but so far it has loss me money!!

However I wrote this post about a week ago many stocks have changed and fitbit is finally in the black for me. With stocks you can be up one day and down another. Thats why you must invest for the long hall and not get emotional when your stock isn’t doing well, and you sell too quickly.

stock growth.jpg

With no experience in trading and no educational background in the stock market I have wounded up making $102.33 that’s a gain of 35%. No savings account could net you that yield! I plan on sticking with Robinhood and trading with it for a while now. A few stock I plan on holding till my son graduates, others I am waiting to trade soon. Do your research don’t over think it, start small, and start reaping the benefits!!!

Any stocks you have bought that gave you great gains comment below?






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