Quality Over Quantity



For the first time I will actually tell you to splurge on the good stuff. But hear me out first before you close the browser and ball out on items. If you haven’t tried minimalism then I think its something worth looking into. Me and my husband tried it and while it didn’t last to long it did clear out alot of space in our closet and made us opt to buy quality clothing.



So, can you go out and just ball out at Nordstrom and throw away all your old clothes. No, but moving forward look into what you spend most of your money on replacing. Are you constantly buying new jeans because yours are fading, or tops because they always tear in the washer? When you identify the issue you can start to build a wardrobe with less items but better quality.

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Fast fashion is clothing that is quickly made from the catwalk to consumer, it doesn’t last long the trends tend to fade quickly and clothing usually ends up in landmines. Think of stores like, Forever21, H&M, Old Navy. These retailers make items that will get you maybe through one season but end up in a bag of trash or at goodwill. Fast fashion also tends to create a world of child slavery, poor wages for the workers, and terrible working conditions. Now I get that we cant control what companies do but with enough knowledge we can make an informed decision when we are at the mall. Most people will tell me they can only afford forever21 clothes. But when you truly add up the cost of replacing shirts, jeans, pants every year you will be able to see the real cost of those items. I have worked in retail and lets be honest you can tell when a shirt is a well made shirt. You don’t need a degree in fashion to know great quality made items.



I am pretty sure you have heard, “you get what you pay for”. Well that saying goes toward everything from insurance down to batteries. Do you research and see does the off brand electronic save you money in the long run, will the dell computer out last the more expensive apple product? When I was in college I bought an imac for $1200 pretty pricey, however its been 6 years and I have never had a virus or even needed to take it in to get fixed. When it comes to bigger items, spend time finding what is best for you and what will last.



The experts state we only use 20% of our closet and the rest just sits. So why do we need so many clothes when we are going to always choose the same outfits over and over again? In past generations quality was more important but with fast fashion companies like H&M, and Forever 21 we fall to quickly for the cheap price and stuff our closet with crap. Next time you go out shopping ask yourself can you wear this year over year, and do I have something like this in my closet?



I love shopping, its a hobby of mine and now that I have a baby boy I love buying him new clothes. Now for my son it makes sense for him to have fast fashion he will go through it in months. However I try not to have so many clothes for him since he is so little (I am also blessed to have a family that usually buys all his clothing). I would rather spend the money on his shoes, but I only buy 1 or 2 pairs. I notice the cheap pair fall off, and scuff easily and its not worth the headache. My son has 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of khakis, the rest of his closet is full of comfy clothes for him to run and play in.



If you step out of your comfort zone and try the quality over quantity, you will likely have culture shock walking into a Nordstrom, or Ann taylor over your normal stores. However start small and buy just a few pieces at a time. After I started working at Ann taylor I notice how much longer my clothes lasted and stopped shopping cheap. I still have my jeans from 4 years ago, no fade no rip nothing. Plus at the higher end store if something does go wrong with your clothes they usually are more than happy to fix the problem. Take your time, clean out your closet and make purposeful decision when shopping.

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