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While I may only be 6 months in and haven’t been a mom for too long I can still tell you great ways to save with a child. The latest report estimates having a child will cost roughly 233,610 from birth to graduating high school. Which may scare you, however I have a few tips that can lower that cost and set your family up for wealth building. Plus having a child is more than about money, its about the memories and the joy of bringing life into this world.



First, you must think about how many kids do you plan on having. If you have one now and are open to having more kids later on, remember to buy gender neutral items. For example I got a crib that is white with a brown base. When I registered for a crib I wanted to make sure It would not only stand the time but also if we were to be blessed with a baby girl I wouldn’t have to go buy a new crib. The stroller, car seat, bassinet, diaper bag. Are all either black or grey. The only thing that screams boy is his clothes, the rest is up in the air and on lock for the next baby.


BRESTFEED (if possible)

I will be completely honest, most women are like I breastfeed because of all the health benefits and it so much better than formula. Ummm….. well ya that’s great and all but I initially breastfeed because I knew it was free milk, all the other additives were just bonus. The fact that my son is 6 months and we have never had to spend a dollar on the expensive formula helps out so much in his first year. Not to add, with breast-milk his immune system is stronger so less trips to the doctor in the future and no ear infections. If your child has issues with latching on, or your don’t like the idea. Try to pump, you may not be able to make enough milk for all his bottles but it will cut down the amount of formula you have to buy. Plus you can mix breast-milk and formula.



We got 90% of all Jeremiahs baby stuff at our baby shower. We were blessed enough to have 2 plus, my job gave me a gift card and a mamroo swing. Especially if its your first child people are very open to buying you lots of gifts, that’s why its so important to go ahead and get gender neutral items just in case your family isn’t too generous on baby #2. Also jamals football team that he coaches got us enough diapers and wipes to get him through the first year. Which brings me to my next point.



While you can get away with free milk by breastfeeding, diapers is another story. Many women have opt to do cloth diapers. While I am not against it, its not for everyone. If you are dedicated and passionate about doing cloth diapers then go for it. If not, you must be on the look out for deals 24/7. Try to stock on sales but always remember to keep your receipt. My son was in size 1 diapers for maybe 2 months before we had to move him up. This left us so many unused diapers in his stock pile, luckily the people who gave us the diapers had gift receipts with it so we were able to exchange it. Check places like Tjmax and Marshalls they carry bulk sizes of honest diapers for cheap cheap! CVS, and Walgreens have the best deals as well, make sure you always check them out.



Just google free sample for baby items and a list of great sites will pop up with many good items. Jeremiah has over 4 bottles formula toys, soap, anything you can think of he got from a free sample. And I am talking about the free, free stuff, where you don’t even have to pay for shipping. Places like target, and Walmart will try to get you to register at there store in return they will ship you a sample of items. We registered at both even though we didn’t technically use Walmart we made a list added 2 items and had free bottles ship to us. If you have amazon prime, create a baby registry and they will ship you a box of samples. This box was amazing full size wipes, toys and alot of great goodies. Just remember your email will get slammed with ads from baby companies so you might want to use an email that is just for this.



This is a great resource if you are a stay at home mom, or you work hours that allow you to be off in the morning. We go to our local library every Tuesday for babytime and my son loves it. They read to him let him play with toys plus he gets to meet new babies and I get talk to new moms.



So my child isn’t on solids until the end of this month but we are already prepared for food. We are going to puree all his fruits and veggies. There are tons of information on pinterest and youtube on how to do this. Its not hard just a little more time consuming but not only will you save money but you will also feed your kids food without all the preservatives and chemicals in jar food.


Remember that kids don’t have to have the latest and greatest, at this age they don’t even know the difference between an expensive toy and a plain box. Get creative and stick to a budget, your child will be more grateful of an interactive parent then some lavish toy.


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