car note

Now I am no expert on cars and by all means I am not a mechanic. However I do know that america is trading in there cars way to fast. The average time an american has a car is 6 years, although all modern cars can last 11 years (consumer report). So why are we only getting half the life out of our cars? I believe it has something to do with pressure of America telling you, you need better, faster, newer, and you need it now.



It should not be the norm to always have a car payment. We must break the idea that we have to have a car payment all our lives. This is not true. The ultimate goal of buying a car is paying cash for the full amount so you don’t have to worry about interest and then keep the car for 11 years plus. According to, the average monthly payment on a new vehicle is $479. Just think if after your 4 year note you were able to save that amount for 7 years, the duration of your cars life. That’s a savings of $40,236! You could use that money to buy another car in cash, or you could invest in buy a home. The possibilities are endless.



With anything, if you want to keep it awhile you have to treat it with respect. So if you want to be able to push your car the whole 11 years. You must keep up the oil changes and maintenance on the car. And I know you might think, well if I had a new car I wouldn’t have to worry about maintenance. This thought is true in you might not have a major issue but your paying 479 to not have one, vs paying 30 for an oil change or maybe $600 a year in car fixes.



This is a big one that many argue over. So here is my synopsis, buy new if you plan on keeping that car for 11 years. Therefor you have all the warranty and 0 miles on the car. Me and my husband bought our Honda new, but we plan on having it until the wheels fall off. If you find a good deal on a used car then go for it. I don’t know much about cars so me finding a good deal and knowing if the engine and transmission is okay, are slim. So I leave the bargain hunting for someone else.  We all understand the concept that a car loses value when it leaves the lot, but that’s only if you decide on trading it in for something else soon.



I am not saying all this and rolling in a brand new car stunnin’. My car has 186k miles on it and I am still pushing it. I do have a child and we do have a 2015 Honda that we use as the family car and my husband drives my car to work. He works 30 min away and my car does just fine it may not have the sun roof or the really good air, but it does give us the freedom not to have a car payment every month. We are praying we can put 250k on it, so the Honda can be paid for and we wont have to worry about 2 car payments at one time. But if my car does give out you better believe we will go to a 1 car system and do what we can until we have the means.


Save now, so you can ball later. If you keep pushing your Nissan, Honda or Toyato. You will be able to either buy your next car right out or get a luxury car. I want a Acura RDX but I know to have that car I must be patient and wait. Remember everything comes in good timing just wait and push your car until it says its time for a new one.

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