Annoyed that your having the same problems you’ve had for years? Feel like the second you get a raise you can’t see progress? At the end of the month still confused on where your money went? You my friend don’t have a money issue you have a lifestyle problem. I see and hear so many people tell me they can’t survive on their salary or why they need a raise and yes, wages are crap, but I could probably guess your issues.




You heard a lie and ran with it. You believe that all of america is like this, so its normal. Countless times on the news they will state how everyone is in the same boat, wages are low and cost of living is high. Why yes that’s true however that just means you have to adjust your budget. Which brings me to point 2.




I know you don’t have one because if you did you would be able to state, ya I am short at the end of the month because (insert reason). A budget exposes the truth of where your money is going, and it wont say its your income, it will say its your spending habits. If you spend the time to see the problem you could work on a solution.





You let your money control you. You have no idea of how much you need to stay afloat, you can’t recall how much you own on a credit card, or loan. If you don’t know these numbers then they are ruling your life. You should check your account everyday put time in to understand your finances, you work so hard to get a paycheck each month. I hate when people are oblivious to their money, you cant mistreat a person and expect them to care for you. Don’t treat your hard earn money like a second thought and be mad its gone by the 19th.





You cant make a size 10 woman fit in a size 00 dress. Then don’t try to make the same for your check. Yes there are ways to slim down your budget and make things fit but you need to be honest with yourself. Can you afford the BMW, or is the toyota more acceptable, do you have to have the iphone 10 or is your 7 doing you just find. Dont buy something you cant afford to just blame it on your income. I cant be mad my income doesn’t allow me trips to hawaii, to go around and take a trip and get frustrated at the outcome.




Social media sites are throbbing with this. You see someone post about buying the new and latest item, next thing your doubting why you don’t have it. Its so easy to get caught up in this game, but the winner wont be the one rocking the hottest clothes or driving the nicest car. The winner is the person with the net worth. I always hear that I need a new car and to be honest I would only get one to stunt A. Mine works fine, B. I am a stay at home mom( who doesn’t get out much). Me buying a new car would not only hurt my finances it would put a strain on my family.


Feeling like this post is coming at you hard? Well your right. I want to get my point across that we need to stop living like this. Its not healthy for you or your family. I want to see everyone prosper and living paycheck to paycheck is a scary thing. You should have a feeling that if I lose my job today, I wont lose my car and house/apartment tomorrow. Check out my other post on how to stop the cycle and begin saving money. The first step is realizing you have a problem and putting ACTION to fixing it.


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