How to enjoy TV with no cable bill

cable bill

If you are trying to save money and you have a cable bill then please pay attention and cut it. Since marriage me and my husband have not had a cable bill. We work off a group system. I believe cable is a luxury and lets be honest you should be so busy saving money and working to gain wealth that you don’t have time for 200+ channels.


While yes its obvious and I know that everyone has netflix and it has became the choice for must cable never-ers like me. But do you have a buddy that has it as well. Netflix allows 6 accounts, with a $10 monthly membership fee. Try to exchange service with someone or go half and half with someone you trust with your netflix account.


So I use to hate on netflix and hulu was my number one choice when it came to streaming however hulu takes some getting use too. The idea that you have to wait a day after something premiers can be odd, but once you start streaming you wont even know the day a tv show comes on. TV will be on your schedule not the other way around. Hulu is only 7.99 and I exchange my hulu account for access to my cousins netflix. That way we both only pay $8 a month and get both services.


Do you love football?? And are you worried that you will miss all your teams game. Well check into buying an antenna, click here for the one I have. We get 40+ channels and the most important ones include abc, nbc, and cbs. So as long as your team is in your network your good. And you wont have to worry about paying a monthly bill.


I have both devices the apple tv is in our living room and I love it, but we recently bought the fire stick. If you have the extra money get the apple tv but since this is a blog about saving money I would obt for the fire stick. It gives you the same channel decent interface and voice control for half the price. If you know someone with a cable package look towards your grandparents, ask them for there email and login to access channels provided on the apple tv and fire stick.


If you have an iphone it allows you to send whatever you are looking at on your phone to the apple tv. This is cool because sometimes many shows are streamed online or on twitter. you can just play it on your phone and click apple tv mirror from the dock screen and watch it on your tv.


With any new thing it takes time. If you are use to watching 200 channels and having so many option it will be difficult, but if you are open to saving money each month and watch tv on demand then go for it. I like having the freedom of watching my shows when I want to. I dont have to be in front of the tv on a wednesday at 7:00pm. I can watch my shows when I want where I want and only pay 7.99 a month.