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1.In what way am I helping my community.

I believe as an African American we must start helping each other. I was once in the mall and I was so busy into my thoughts I didn’t notice the black mall security guard smile at me, he gently approached me and said, dang black people cant even smile at each other anymore. I apologized and we laughed it off. It got me thinking of the days my grandpa would sit on the porch and wave at everybody in the neighborhood. It was like being black was a sense of belonging, like a special club. The more we help each other, the stronger our community will be.


2.How long can I survive without my job

This a tough question that usually leaves you to start saving immediately. Nothing is promised and having a J-O-B defiantly ain’t certain. Add up all your expense for the month, take that number and multiply it by 3 if your married with two incomes, and 6 if your single. This is how much you should have in your savings. You should be able to last 3-6 months without a job or unemployment. If not you could be 1 paycheck away from HOMELESSNESS!



When I think of this in the morning I am less likely to spend money on countless items I don’t need. I know what my goals are and making sure each day I keep them fresh on my mind allows me to stay focus and determine to get things done.



I love this question, every morning I check my stocks and investing apps to see how much I may have earned or lost, and if some stocks that I want to buy have gone on sale(not literally, just dropped in the market). Checking my accounts and net worth are the next things to follow. I see what coupons are out and what is a new way I can add money to my stash! My favorite apps usually send me an email saying how much my net worth has dropped or risen. Also stay in the know of your finances you work hard everyday it would be a waste for you to not know whats going on in your wallet.



Now of course this is a financial blog, but health is very important. No point in saving money if you cant enjoy it when you are financially free. I also believe when you take care of your body that mindset will pour into your finances. When you feel good you do good.


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