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Do have a goal in mind.

I hate when I talk to people and I see that they want to save but with no goal on how to do that. I find it crazy that as eager as you maybe to start saving not knowing how much will cause you to either quit or never start.


Don’t let others effect your goal.

Matter of fact don’t tell people your goal just tell people,”hey I am saving for a house(or whatever it maybe but never say an amount) and I will be cutting back some. This lets your friends and family know you aren’t going through a tough time, you are just cutting out some expense for short period.


Do write out a plan.

There is millions on millions of resources on how to save and what to cut back on. But if you never think about having a plan or writing it down. Your idea of saving is just mere dream. Something your mind is fanasing about like wanting to go to Disney land or a trip. Unless you look at buying tickets or putting work it will never happen.


Don’t say,”I DON’T HAVE TIME”

saving money is something you make and find time for. Its not a luxury to save money it’s a necessity and the more the black community understands that the quicker we can start to build wealth and grow our finances.


Do get creative.

So you don’t drink coffee and like every financial blog says make coffee from home, find other ways that fit your needs to save money. A debt free wealthy life isn’t just one path. There are many journeys that lead to it just start!


Don’t give up,

everything is hard when you begin. We all love to watch a good basketball game, but the preparation behind all the athletes are insane. To get results you must keep pushing. If you trust in the process and realize that being financially free is of value keep going.

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