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This challenge is for anyone who is in debt, including car, student loans, or credit card. Try for this month to go without getting your hair done, nails done, eyebrows or eye lashes. Anything that is a luxury or personal care, try to cut it out. So here is my theory, why have your hair done and nails gelled up and you are just paying the min balance on your credit card. The thought came to me when I randomly made a small payment of $50.00 to my car loan. We are trying to have the car paid off in 2 years, earlier than the expected loan date. The next month was Easter so I decided to get my hair done which cost me $41.00. After about a week I had to wash it and I thought to myself well darn I would of rather did my hair myself for Easter and put that 41 dollars towards the car. This lit a spark in me and I was buckled in and ready for the challenge.


Now if you cannot do your hair and its important to you then don’t cut it out, but there has to be something in the personal care section of your budget you can cut. Are you getting your nails done once a month, then go without, or polish your nails yourself. What about waxing your eyebrows, spa appointments, I have mostly always been a DIY girl when it came to beauty. But now with Pinterest and Youtube. You can DIY almost anything.




Of course we all want to get out of debt, we want to have a nice paid off car and money saved. However for someone reason we seem to find ourself back in debt and always wonder why or blame someone else. The job, kids, where you live etc. If you want to save more you will have to understand its 80% mental. You have to cut things that you have always believed you need and go without. You must really believe that having a future of wealth is better for you than having the nice nails or new car. If you don’t truly believe that then none of these challenges or post will be of any service.



I am in the believe that every women should go through the “who cares” stage. And I don’t mean stop brushing your teeth and looking presentable. I mean the whole I care about my future and not looking good for people who don’t pay my bills. I have recently hit that stage with my son. I get so much crap on how I should raise him or feed him or dress him, that it has made me really look to myself and live my life for God and my family. The people you are going in debt for and looking nice for will not be there when your car gets reposed, or when you can’t pay your light bill.



So while I have backed off the personal care for the month, I have for the whole year of 2017 to not spent a dime on clothes for me. After I gave birth to my son in January I decided to not return to my job and stay home with my son. This was probably the best decision in my life however my household went from 2 income to 1. My husband had recently just started a new job that earned more money but it still wasn’t enough to cover my income as well. So we had to find ways to cut money. By month 2 I notice my son was spitting up everywhere, so much I thought to myself for the whole year I will not spend money on clothes. Now at the time this was easy however now it is hard. I have lost all my pregnancy weight and I feel like every store is having a sell and calling my name. But with me not spending money on fashion we have more in the budget for bills and savings plus whats the point of wearing brand new clothes all the time when you still owe people money.



It not only has been refreshing for my wallet but also for my spirit. I feel less connected to materials. I am able to focus on what really matter in this world serving God, being a great wife and mother to my baby. Can you handle the challenge?


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