The truth about $7.25 an hour

While this post may alarm you, and you may feel like throwing your computer at me. But first read my post and try my method and see if it can help you out financially. I am only speaking to the states in the Midwest with a lower cost of living. If you are from California, or New York then ya, you cannot live on $7.25 in the major cities. Places like Dallas, Oklahoma city (this is where I live) in the middle region where your rent and cost of living is cheaper then this is for you.


I LOSE my mind when people complain about how they need to make $15 an hour to live. Does anyone but me recognized that this is over $30,000 a year. I know women in their professions with a MASTERS degree that don’t even make that. But you got McDonald workers asking for $15. Can we be real for a moment. Minimum wage is only and let me emphasis ONLY for young adults with no kids to make a starting wage. If you think that a mother of 2 kids is living on min wage cant make it, well that’s because it was never designed for a family. A family should either consist of 2 incomes or 1 that is big enough to sustain a family. $7.25 was never meant to sustain a family and I think that’s where people are getting confused. And don’t get me wrong I am not trying to punish the mother (I came from a single parent) but you can’t confused what the wage was created for. If you are making minimum with no kids and cannot sustain your lifestyle, then your bills are TOO HIGH. If you are on min. wage and you have kids then its not the minimum wage that is your problem its your job. That job is not a career job, that job was not meant to sustain a family, therefor that job will not pay you more.


So I really hope people understand if you increase min wage you have to cut all government welfare. This would only literally but you right back where you was but your now living on your own GREAT!! But, what about all the people who made $15, what about your manager whose salary was 30,000 there pay has to go up. You have to look at the economics. Should min wage be raised? YES, should it be $15 an hour NO! I believe if you don’t know how to manage $7.25 an hour you will not know how to manage $15. I want my people (the black community) to stop screaming at the politicians and find another way. If you feel like your wage is too low and your being cheated. Start on your grind, start freelancing, add another job. I had 2 jobs in college (the summer) while having school paid for. This was because I knew I wanted to have a nest egg when I graduated. Going back home and living with my mom was not an option.



I am all with venting, I really am, but now its time we wipe up those tears and start applying that great mind of ours. How can (insert your name) start making more money without having to beg someone for a higher pay. Now start to conjure up some ideas. You may be broke now, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel it just depends on if your willing to open your eyes and see it. I started my etsy shop last year and started selling random stuff on ebay, making over $3,000. Is this a lot? no but its a start. Make small steps and you will start to see your income grow.


In one of Dj khaled song “Major Key” Nas said something that has stuck with me ever since I heard it.

We get government aid
Spend it at they stores, puttin’ they kids through college
We need balance, so we can lease and own Ds in our projects
So I’m askin’ Gs to go in their pockets
The racial economic inequality, let’s try to solve it

Is this not INSANE. Its so true, we are playing into there hands. They love seeing us asking for money, they want us on government aid. They know the poor class are the masses that are buying their products. That is the only thing that is keeping them rich. When poor people receive food stamps they should only use the food stamps and the remaining money they have leftover from their check should go to savings. Not “their products” save that money up to climb your way out of debt, poverty. Not use the money to spend at their stores. I am like Nas I want to try to solve the racial economic inequality, but not at the route of asking for $15 instead of $7.25. I believe their is another way. I don’t have all the answers but I can tell you when I think one idea isn’t a good one and why! Hint the post. We are a smart group of people, we need to all come together to find a way to solve our communities financial problems.
Now someone people will read this post and think, I truly cant live on min wage and I have tried everything, then yes you are the exception but don’t let that ruin your life. Do not give up on trying to make more. If your a single parent and feel like you just cant make ends meet, you need to pray for direction and ask God to place you where you don’t have to live in debt or be on government aid. I want everyone to be able to live independently, either from the government or there parents. The best way to do this is change the way you see your income. When you decided I am going to make more and grind till you do, then your chances are a lot higher then complaining on capitol hill for higher pay.
If you are currently living on min wage or you believe that it is impossible to do manage then make sure everything list out below shouldn’t be tied to your name.
car note
gym membership
top wireless carrier (verizon,ATT, Sprint, T-mobile)
name brand clothes
starbucks coffee
Nails done
In the salon twice a week
Sounds mean! huh? I am just saying if your trying to get out of poverty or coming up short at the end of the month then all of these necessities are a no-no!!
Now I watch the news and many people argue it will increase the economy. And why yes I believe that. Sadly, if you give poor people more money they will just end up spending it and helping the economy. But aren’t we trying to help poor people from spending more than what they have! Raising the min wage will just make the top 1% richer and help get rid of the middle class.
I think that every job should offer benefits to all its workers, part-time or not. Every job should come with PTO, Sick leave health and dental. And stop keeping workers at 39 hours a week, I have been there. And believe that will help more than dramatic increasing min. wage.
Whats your thoughts?